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A ball, thrown out of its hiding-place, hits the wall, bounces against the reflecting surface and leaps back.
A glance from out of the inner self through the external boundary - through the pupil of the eye - into the outside world. The reflection in the mirror is of my visible self. Does the perception of the "inner self" have any relationship to the image of the "external self" ? Does the former also have to change in the wake of any changes to the latter, or does it remain constant ?

Nina WR


The ShamanThe Shaman

Oil, 80 x 60 cm, 2013
Available for sale


Tusche. 60x40 cm. 2004.
Private collection

Selbstporträt 01"1994"

Watercolor, 46x20 cm, 1994
Not for sale

Selbstporträt 03"1998"

Pastel, 60x35 cm, 1998
Available for sale

The ShamanThe Shaman

Watercolor, 63x46 cm, 1994
Collection of Institute Cosmed


Black chalk, red chalk, pastel, 70x50 cm, 1991
Private collection (Austria)


Watercolor, 44x40 cm. 1995
Private collecton