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Trembling pictures, painted with a trembling hand

Everyone has his or her weaknesses or shortcomings: insufficient vision, hearing impaired with
progressing age and so on. Some suffer from tremor, their hands shake, with some it is not only
hands that tremble but all parts of the body: head, legs, EVERYTHING indeed. There are two
possibilities to deal with this phenomenon and continue living with it. First, you can be ashamed of
it, try to hide it, up to retreating altogether from other people. Second, one can accept oneself as one
is and engage with the phenomenon, examen it closely, even enlarge it and elevate it to a symbol.
Transform the dark side into a bright one. Thus my latest series of pictures developed, called
“Trembling pictures, painted with a trembling hand”.

“Massage” 2019, paper, watercolor, pencil, 65x50cm, Nina Werzhbinskaja-RabinowichMassage

2019, paper, watercolor, pencil, 65x50cm
Available for sale

“Trembling party” (nail-biting) 2020, paper, watercolor, pencil, 80x60cm, Nina Werzhbinskaja-RabinowichTrembling party

2020, paper, watercolor, pencil, 60x80cm
Available for sale

“Dream” 2020, paper, watercolor, 28x46cm, Nina Werzhbinskaja-RabinowichDream

2020, paper, watercolor, 28x46cm
Available for sale