Photos Nina Werzhbinskaja-Rabinowich, 2020-2021

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NinaWR is sitting in the armchair in the “derkunstraum” gallery, close-up
NinaWR in the “derkunstraum” gallery, after taking the virtual tour of the exhibition
NinaWR at the window in Cafe Gerstner with a view of the Vienna State Opera
Photo NinaWR in the armchair with the light beam over her head
Photo of NinaWR, sitting in the armchair
Close-up of NinaWR, head tilted slightly towards the shoulder
Close-up of NinaWR, head turned back slightly
Photo portrait Ninawr in the three-quarter profile
NinaWR in Schonbrunn, view of the city from Gloriette
NinaWR in the exhibition in the Leopold Museum in front of the self-portrait of the painter Richard Gerstl
NinaWR photographs her reflection in the shop window, double reflection
Spring 2019, exhibition of the artists of the fifth district Margareten in the Künstlerhaus
Vernissage of the exhibition in the Künstlerhaus, the pictures and the painter NinaWR
Künstlerhaus, NinaWR and three self-portraits: "Shaman", "Painter = Model" and "Orthopedic self-portrait with the Holy Grail, convalescent"